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Chefwear is proud of its continuous support of Veggie U’s efforts to educate children about nutrition and the prevention of childhood obesity. This national not-for-profit provides teachers across the country with curriculum-ready Earth to Table kits, which are designed to tach students the importance of vegetables in a well-balanced diet. Since 2003, Veggie U has delivered 2,600 classroom kits and graduated 80,000 children from its program.

10th Annual Veggie U Food and Wine Celebration ‘clip’

“Chefwear has announced its support of Veggie U and the release of their Spring 2013 catalog, which features the 10th Annual Veggie U Food & Wine Celebration. To show its own support, Chefwear has added a veggies pattern to its Patterns With A Purpose collection, and will give a portion of the pattern’s sales back to Veggie U to help put Earth To Table kits in classrooms nationwide.

“Chefwear has joined the growing ranks of those interested in helping children fight the battle of obesity and diabetes by coming to our summer Food & Wine fundraiser to photograph the next catalog series,” said Chef’s Garden founder and Veggie U champion, Lee Jones. ”This series features those great chefs who volunteered their time and culinary artistry to raise money for the Veggie U program.”



Rochelle Huppin, Chefwear Founder, added, “We draw inspiration from the needs of chefs as well as customer requests, the latest fashion trends and new apparel technology. Chefwear was founded on the idea that in order to create the very best chef’s clothes, we must understand the daily routine and needs of a chef. This way of thinking has allowed us to continue to serve the culinary community with the most stylish and comfortable culinary apparel.”

About Chefwear 
Chefwear was founded by pastry chef Rochelle Huppin over 23 years ago when her comfortable, stylish, 100% cotton baggy pants caught the attention of chefs like Wolfgang Puck and Bobby Flay. Chefwear has continued to revolutionize chef fashion and remains the top choice among leading chefs all over the world.

Order from a complete stock of culinary apparel at the Chefwear site, and support Veggie U each time you include the new Veggie Pattern (207), which is available in adult chef pants and classic bib apron and children’s pants, apron and chef toque!


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