Remarkable Business Women Award, 2001

17th day of May, 2001

“Whereas, Rochelle Huppin Fleck has been named the recipient of the Remarkable Business Women award by the Los Angeles’ National Council of Jewish Women and it is appropriate at this time to highlight her many achievements and to extend to her the special recognition of the public; and

Whereas, Rochelle Huppin Fleck, founder and president of Chefwear, created her own line of chef clothing from her own experience as a chef, and she shares her success with her husband Gary, who is the chief executive officer; and

Whereas, Chefwear is one of the most respected names in the culinary industry and she has proved herself to be a remarkable business women; and

Whereas, Rochelle and Gary have two children, Samantha and Abe; and

Whereas, The success of Rochelle Huppin Fleck serves as an inspiration for the women entrepreneurs of the state, now, therefore, be it

Resolved by Senator Sheila James Kuehl., That Rochelle Huppin Fleck be congratulated on being named the Remarkable Business Women by the Los Angeles’ National Council of Jewish Women, and extended sincere best wishes for success in the future”