Eco-Friendly additions to Chefwear

Rochelle Huppin, President of Chefwear” The features and benefits of the new line of clothing will have wide spread appeal and the best part is that we know they will give back to the environment as well.”

Organics have become a popularized trend in the hospitality industry. Everything from produce to now apparel. Chefwear became increasingly interested in producing clothing using environmentally sustainable processes. Their most popular Eco-Friendly products include chef coats, chef pants, chef hats & chef aprons. The organic items of Chefwear are made out of three different types of fabric; 100% organic cotton, bamboo, & hemp.

It is beneficial for the consumer as well as our earth to wear organic material. The quality of clothing produced from organic cotton is also substantially higher. Organic cotton plants produce longer-stable cotton fibers which yield stronger yarn & more durable fabrics.

Eco-Friendly Apparel by Chefwear

What are the benefits of Eco-Friendly materials?


Organic Cotton:

– Rain fed instead of irrigated, using a lot less water

– Grown without using pesticides or insecticides

– Farmers use composted manures and cover-crops to replace synthetic fertilizers

– Innovative weeding strategies are used instead of herbicides

– Beneficial insects & trap-crops are used to control pests

– Nature’s frost & water inducement prepare plants for harvest, instead of using toxic defoliants


Bamboo: is a grass, & grows like a weed

– Usually grows on rain water

– No need for pesticides or insecticides

– Generates more oxygen than trees

– The pulp from bamboo is ground up, with superior performance

– Bamboo wicks moisture, keeps you cooler, and is naturally antimicrobial so it doesn’t retain odors



– No need for pesticides or insecticides

– Industrial hemp is also a grass & grows like a weed, because it is one

– Grows on rain water

– Superior performance compared to cotton

– Hemp materials are more durable

-Provide better UV protection, wick moisture, & anti-microbial

– Hemp is the most environmentally positive crop, actually improving the condition of the soil

– Requires no herbicides & naturally resistant to insects, fungus, & other pests

“At Chefwear, we make most of our apparel in the U.S., right in the Chicago area where we are based. Like chefs who buy local produce, we do our part to support a healthy local economy & reduce global greenhouse gas emissions caused by overseas shipping. Chefwear apparel thoughtfully minimizes the use of manmade fabrics & intentionally uses a higher cotton content (100% in many cases), because cotton is naturally biodegradable material. Cotton is also what makes Chefwear soft, breathable & the most comfortable foodservice apparel.”