The Art of Keeping It Green

“Rochelle has been an integral part of the WCR organization almost since it’s inception, and under her leadership, the organization has grown tremendously.  In fact, the 21st Annual National Conference in Chicago, held in March 2014, was the most successful in the history of the WCR organization, and it is all thanks to Rochelle and her amazing team.  Rochelle is an outstanding public speaker and renowned in the culinary world for many things, not the least of which is a highly successful entrepreneur and business owner”

– Lisa Necrason, Executive Director of Women Chefs & Restauranteurs

The theme of the 2014 Women Chefs & Restauranteurs conference was The Art of Keeping it Green.

The recent farm-to-table movement and focus on food sustainability are both important industry trends that are relevant to women in all aspects of the culinary world.

The prevailing perception is that going green in the food industry isn’t cheap or easy. But for some restauranteurs, creating & operating a sustainable business ends up being as much a sound (and less costly) financial move as it is a personal & ethical one.

To continue with the 2014 ‘green initiative’ of the WCR conference, Chefwear, Inc. launched their eco-friendly apparel line. The sustainable line was branded in 2008. The natural material’s of; Hemp, Organic Cotton, & Bamboo are used to create the fabrics.

Chefwear’s Eco Friendly Line

Chefwear, Inc. has been a proud sponsor of WCR since the organization was founded in the early 1990’s.

Eco-Friendly additions to Chefwear

Rochelle Huppin, President of Chefwear” The features and benefits of the new line of clothing will have wide spread appeal and the best part is that we know they will give back to the environment as well.”

Organics have become a popularized trend in the hospitality industry. Everything from produce to now apparel. Chefwear became increasingly interested in producing clothing using environmentally sustainable processes. Their most popular Eco-Friendly products include chef coats, chef pants, chef hats & chef aprons. The organic items of Chefwear are made out of three different types of fabric; 100% organic cotton, bamboo, & hemp.

It is beneficial for the consumer as well as our earth to wear organic material. The quality of clothing produced from organic cotton is also substantially higher. Organic cotton plants produce longer-stable cotton fibers which yield stronger yarn & more durable fabrics.

Eco-Friendly Apparel by Chefwear

What are the benefits of Eco-Friendly materials?


Organic Cotton:

– Rain fed instead of irrigated, using a lot less water

– Grown without using pesticides or insecticides

– Farmers use composted manures and cover-crops to replace synthetic fertilizers

– Innovative weeding strategies are used instead of herbicides

– Beneficial insects & trap-crops are used to control pests

– Nature’s frost & water inducement prepare plants for harvest, instead of using toxic defoliants


Bamboo: is a grass, & grows like a weed

– Usually grows on rain water

– No need for pesticides or insecticides

– Generates more oxygen than trees

– The pulp from bamboo is ground up, with superior performance

– Bamboo wicks moisture, keeps you cooler, and is naturally antimicrobial so it doesn’t retain odors



– No need for pesticides or insecticides

– Industrial hemp is also a grass & grows like a weed, because it is one

– Grows on rain water

– Superior performance compared to cotton

– Hemp materials are more durable

-Provide better UV protection, wick moisture, & anti-microbial

– Hemp is the most environmentally positive crop, actually improving the condition of the soil

– Requires no herbicides & naturally resistant to insects, fungus, & other pests

“At Chefwear, we make most of our apparel in the U.S., right in the Chicago area where we are based. Like chefs who buy local produce, we do our part to support a healthy local economy & reduce global greenhouse gas emissions caused by overseas shipping. Chefwear apparel thoughtfully minimizes the use of manmade fabrics & intentionally uses a higher cotton content (100% in many cases), because cotton is naturally biodegradable material. Cotton is also what makes Chefwear soft, breathable & the most comfortable foodservice apparel.”

Support for Veggie U

Patterns for a Purpose  – 

Chefwear is proud of its continuous support of Veggie U’s efforts to educate children about nutrition and the prevention of childhood obesity. This national not-for-profit provides teachers across the country with curriculum-ready Earth to Table kits, which are designed to tach students the importance of vegetables in a well-balanced diet. Since 2003, Veggie U has delivered 2,600 classroom kits and graduated 80,000 children from its program.

10th Annual Veggie U Food and Wine Celebration ‘clip’

“Chefwear has announced its support of Veggie U and the release of their Spring 2013 catalog, which features the 10th Annual Veggie U Food & Wine Celebration. To show its own support, Chefwear has added a veggies pattern to its Patterns With A Purpose collection, and will give a portion of the pattern’s sales back to Veggie U to help put Earth To Table kits in classrooms nationwide.

“Chefwear has joined the growing ranks of those interested in helping children fight the battle of obesity and diabetes by coming to our summer Food & Wine fundraiser to photograph the next catalog series,” said Chef’s Garden founder and Veggie U champion, Lee Jones. ”This series features those great chefs who volunteered their time and culinary artistry to raise money for the Veggie U program.”



Rochelle Huppin, Chefwear Founder, added, “We draw inspiration from the needs of chefs as well as customer requests, the latest fashion trends and new apparel technology. Chefwear was founded on the idea that in order to create the very best chef’s clothes, we must understand the daily routine and needs of a chef. This way of thinking has allowed us to continue to serve the culinary community with the most stylish and comfortable culinary apparel.”

About Chefwear 
Chefwear was founded by pastry chef Rochelle Huppin over 23 years ago when her comfortable, stylish, 100% cotton baggy pants caught the attention of chefs like Wolfgang Puck and Bobby Flay. Chefwear has continued to revolutionize chef fashion and remains the top choice among leading chefs all over the world.

Order from a complete stock of culinary apparel at the Chefwear site, and support Veggie U each time you include the new Veggie Pattern (207), which is available in adult chef pants and classic bib apron and children’s pants, apron and chef toque!


Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 3.41.02 PM

James Beard Foundation

Who is James Beard?

“Pioneer of American cooking, any one chef in my world, he is the guy” – Rochelle Huppin 2014

Rochelle Huppin at the James Beard Awards in 2014.

Rochelle Huppin at the James Beard Awards in 2014.



Background of the James Beard Foundation:

“In 1990 the James Beard Foundation made another leap forward by establishing the James Beard Foundation Awards for excellence in the food and beverage and related industries. The first awards were given in 1991.

In 2010, in anticipation of our 25th anniversary, the James Beard Foundation launched its annual food conference, bringing together a diverse group of thought leaders and stakeholders in the country’s food system, as well as the JBF Leadership Awards, recognizing visionaries helping to make a better, safer, more equal, and more delicious future for everyone.

As an organization, the James Beard Foundation has evolved beyond the scope of influence any one person could have had, but all the while keeping true to the ideals that James Beard professed—that is, emphasizing the importance of simple, wholesome food, good cooking, and good eating by educating, mentoring, supporting, and caring for the people who prepare and enjoy it. We continue to build on the foundation James Beard laid”.

Chefwear has been a proud sponsor of the James Beard Foundation since the organization was founded in 1990.

History of Chefwear & the James Beard Foundation

Over 15 years ago, pastry chef Rochelle Huppin Fleck noticed a lack of comfortable chef apparel options and founded Chefwear. Since then, Chefwear has completely revolutionized the way chefs and restaurateurs dress. Its complete line of culinary apparel is designed to meet the needs of professional chefs, as well as those of the ever-increasing number of people who like to cook and entertain at home. In addition to eight styles of pants and 28 styles of jackets, Chefwear’s product line includes shirts, hats, aprons, shoes, pint-size duds for kids, and a full line of women’s jackets and pants.



Chefwear…The Look that Cooks

Rochelle retired from the professional kitchen in 1990 to dedicate all of her time to Chefwear. Since the company’s inception she has served as the President and Gary Fleck as the Chief Executive Officer. In the spring of 2009, Chefwear moved to a new and larger facility in Addison, Illinois as it need more space for growth and expansion.

Chefwear now offers a full line of culinary apparel designed to meet the needs of the restaurant and hospitality industry, as well as the avid recreational cook. In addition to expertly designed pants and jackets, Chefwear’s innovative products include shirts, shorts, aprons, shoes, hats, Pint Size Duds and a variety of accessories.

Not only is Chefwear recognized as an innovative provider of culinary apparel, but also for its active role in giving back to the community and sharing its success by creating products with a purpose. Over the years several custom patterns have been developed to benefit a diverse selection of charities with a portion of their sales. Some of them included Share Our Strength pattern ,the 9/11 Relief Fund  pattern and the Tribal Spirit pattern. The Awareness line, was  created to benefit the Lauder Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The most recent additions to Chefwear’s product included the eco-friendly product line added to the line in 2008 and this spring of 2010 Barwear by Chefwear was launched.  And this year to our products with a purpose line we are adding a pant pattern to benefit Alex’s Lemonade Stand. As we celebrate our past 20 years we look back and know that it is customers that have always helped us by contributing to the “fabric of our success” through the years.

Chefwear has evolved into a thriving business by continually meeting the apparel demands of the restaurant and hospitality industry. Chefwear’s headquarters and retail outlet store are located at 2300 Windsor Court – STE C in Addison, IL and offers customers knowledgeable and friendly service along with the best in culinary outfitting. As long as there is a need for innovative and quality chef apparel, Chefwear will lead the industry and expand its product lines to support the ever-changing culinary community.