Vanilla Table

Vanilla Table “The Essence of Exquisite Cooking from the World’s Best Chef’s” Natasha MacAller                                  ...

Chefwear…The Look that Cooks

Rochelle retired from the professional kitchen in 1990 to dedicate all of her time to Chefwear. Since the company’s inception she has served as the President and Gary Fleck as ...

Los Angeles Children’s Bureau Event

This past September I joined chefs from around Los Angeles in a celebrity chefs and wine tasting event in honor of the Los Angeles Children’s Bureau. The proceeds from the ...


A little bite of biscotti

  Although I am no longer a working pastry chef, my love ...

Interview with Rochelle (from 2001)

Interview with Rochelle (from 2001)   Background: Name: Rochelle Huppin Fleck Age: ...

Rochelle speaks at the 2010 Culinary Institute of America commencement ceremony

Hyde Park, NY, September 20, 2010 – When Rochelle Huppin enrolled at ...

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Baker’s Dozen

Blood Orange Chiffon Pie with Chocolate Crumb Crust (pages 144 – 145, 127 & 336) “Here’s an updated version of the refreshing chiffon pie, using garnet-red blood orange juice and a chocolate crumb crust. blood oranges, once an imported crop from the Mediterranean, are now grown in our country, where they are in season during [...]

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Support for Veggie U

Patterns for a Purpose  -  Chefwear is proud of its continuous support of Veggie U’s efforts to educate children about nutrition and the prevention of childhood obesity. This national not-for-profit provides teachers across the country with curriculum-ready Earth to Table kits, which are designed to tach students the importance of vegetables in a well-balanced diet. [...]

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Oatmeal Birthday Cake

It is not very often that you see an Oatmeal Birthday Cake but anything can be whipped up for a special occasion!        

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Inside the California Food Revolution

Inside the California Food Revolution Thirty years that changed our culinary consciousness Written by Joyce Goldstein “Joyce Goldstein is the foremost expert on the watershed moment in American cooking when little-known ingredients began to shine and chefs came out of the kitchen. The California revolution created the foundation for the food personalities and flavors that [...]

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San Francisco Chronicle – Dessert Masters

Six Pastry Chefs Rise to the Top  Wednesday February 7th, 1990 Author: Michael Bauer (Chronicle Executive Food Editor) Without too much thought, most people could name the top chefs in the Bay Area. But those same people would be hard pressed to identify even two pastry chefs who create the best desserts. How ironic – [...]

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Celebrating Julia Child’s 100th Birthday

August 15th is Julia Child’s birthday – she would have been 100 in a couple weeks. Alfred Knopf, her long time publisher, is celebrating the occasion with JC100, a tribute to her life and legacy. On Twitter the tag is @JC100. The party is a 100 day celebration leading up to August 15th and Knopf [...]

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UCLA Alumni Success

In 1984, Rochelle received her Bachelor of Arts in Literature & Languages from the University of California, Los Angeles. UCLA was only the first stop of the many accomplishments Rochelle has achieved in her life thus far. After graduating from UCLA she then began to pursue her dreams in the culinary world. In 2011, Rochelle [...]

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James Beard Foundation

Who is James Beard? “Pioneer of American cooking, any one chef in my world, he is the guy” – Rochelle Huppin 2014     Background of the James Beard Foundation: “In 1990 the James Beard Foundation made another leap forward by establishing the James Beard Foundation Awards for excellence in the food and beverage and [...]

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Secrets of Success from Top Women in Food

Check out this short video of women empowering women. National Restaurant Association, May 2013

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Don’t Postpone Joy

Marni Mendelsohn – May 12th, 2014 Laurey Masterton, of Asheville, North Carolina, was a chef and beekeeper before losing her battle to cancer on February 18. Masterton was recognized within the community for her farm-to-table cooking at Laurey’s and as a beekeeper. She also wrote The Fresh Honey Cookbook. In honor of Masterton, and recognizing women entrepreneurs [...]

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